Life Loyal


No matter how long it’s been since my last Noles football game in Tally, or hanging out at the Mecca or the Sweet Shop during Homecoming weekend (after the PowWow, of course!), I keep my Alpha Chi memories of FSU close to my heart.

Being a Beta Eta is important to me. My collegiate years in the house on Park Avenue were some of the best years of my life, where I made some of the best friends in my life. I met women from different parts of the country. I shared late night pizzas and studied for exams with my sisters. I even met my husband there – when he brought a sister home from their date!

Being a Life Loyal member says that I proudly support Alpha Chi Omega and its future. It’s a way that this Beta Eta can demonstrate the leadership I learned in my college days, and pay back some of the loyalty my sisters have given me … through the good times, the breast cancer, and everything in between.

Let’s show the Alpha Chi world what we Beta Eta’s are made of. Join me in becoming a Life Loyal member today – and receive a limited edition custom afghan blanket adorned with a drawing of our beloved Park Avenue house!


Aggie (Smith) Steiner
Beta Eta, ‘67
Click here to become a Life Loyal member.

* Beta Eta limited edition afghan blankets only available while supplies last.

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