T-minus 9 weeks and counting…

Seminole football season has officially begun- GO NOLES!!

9 more weeks until Homecoming Weekend and the 1st Annual Xi Omega Xi Lucky Stars Weekend! Come one, come all, have fun, and leave wanting more!!

I’m sure you’ve seen through email and Facebook that we’re planning a fantastic event for Homecoming this year (11/5-7). There are events for singles, married, pregnant, families, and friends- but all for sisters. The “Homecoming 2010” tab above is the official location of information and details. Check it out!

We’re very excited to hear from more than 30 ladies who have already planned to come for the events. If you haven’t yet made the decision to join us, what’s holding you back? Post your questions and concerns here and let us answer them for you.

We want to make sure this weekend event calls for you to reunite with your sisters and make new memories.


Your Special Events Committee

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