AXΩ Partners with Night Cap

The chapter recently partnered with NightCap to create Alpha Chi custom branded NightCap’s for distribution to chapter members and to pass out during upcoming chapter DVA and Healthy Relationships events.

What is NightCap? NightCap is a drink spiking prevention scrunchie. The company was co-founded by an FSU Alumni, Michael Benarde and his sister Shirah. Nightcap was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. (Season 12 | Episode 12) where the founders made a deal with Shark, Lori Greiner. You can learn more about the companys’ story here.

How does NightCap work?

Image above from

The chapter was excited to parter to create custom NightCaps for the chapter and community and excited to share in hopes of encouraging other organizations to consider doing the same. For more information about how to order your own custom NightCaps click here.

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