2023 – AXΩ Hosts Hillel for Hamantaschen Cookie making event!

Hillel members Halle, Eric, and Kale came to Alpha Chi Omega to share Hamantaschen cookies and the historical significance behind them. Halle, the Vice President of Greek Life engagement spent Saturday morning baking the cookies with Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion- Anna. Halle brought the baked cookies to Alpha Chi and sisters (and even our servers stayed) to decorate them with various toppings. Halle and the other Hillel representatives shared the story behind the cookies- Purim.

The name of the cookie, Hamantaschen, actually refers to the villain in the story of Purim, Haman. The cookies are triangular shaped, representing Haman’s ears, as the name Hamantaschen means ‘Haman’s ears’ in Hebrew. Halle explained the significance of Purim and why it is important to the Jewish faith. Sisters enjoyed a fun evening of conversation, education, and cookie decorating!!

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