2023 – AXΩ participates in ADPi Flag Football in Doak with guest coach, Josh from Best Buddies & Coach Brandon!

The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega’s intramural flag football game, got back together this spring for a day of Flag “powder puff” football in Doak Campbell supporting the Ronald McDonald house (Alpha Delta Pi’s national philanthropy) The team had practices leading up to the event – being coached by Brandon W, who worked with FSU Football Team as an equipment manager during the 2023 season and the team invited Josh, a member of best buddies, to served as the teams assistant coach for the day. (The team even got the coaches shirts – have to make them official right?) Needless to say both Brandon and Josh had a blast – as did the ladies of Alpha Chi!

Leading up to the event the chapter collected pop tabs, nearly 8,000 of them!!! Why pop tabs? It’s the sweetest way (in our opinion) to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities – The chapter learned that Ronald McDonald House typically receives between $0.40 to $0.50 per pound of pop tabs. This program brings in an average of $6,000 each year to the local RM House. It takes approximately 1,128 pop tabs to equal one pound. [Member Lauren G – heard this and collected 1547 (yup she counted)]

We learned from talking to the folks from Ronald McDonald House that the Pop Tab program is important because it provides extra revenue that can help make up for the donations that families cannot make. To house one family at Ronald McDonald House Charities© is between $100-$140 per night. On average the local house asks for a $10 per night room contribution from our families, but no family is turned away based on the inability to pay. With this news – the team collected EIGHT THOUSAND pop tabs and was the #1 fundraiser for the event!!! Congratulations team way to make an impact!

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