Sisters celebrate McDowell Month by attending FSU Opening Night Play

Alpha Chi Omega sisters Valerie and Megan celebrated McDowell month by attending The School of Theatre at Florida State University production of Cinderella.

Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Book by Douglas Carter Beane

Sway to the tunes of Rodgers and Hammerstein in this fresh take on the timeless tale in a hilarious and romantic experience for anyone who’s ever had a dream. 

Congrats to Sisters who got into FSU Nursing School

The Florida State University College of Nursing educates clinicians, leaders, scholars, and advanced practitioners who can enhance the quality of life for people of all cultures, economic levels, and geographic locations.

We are excited to share Sisters Ella Peavly, Zoe Bober and Emily Golumb were all accepted into the Nursing program today! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish..

AXΩ Members selected for Core

The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life works closely with chapter leaders, advisors, and alumni as well as governing council officers, University faculty and staff, and community partners to ensure that members of the Greek community have a meaningful learning experience at Florida State that compliments their academic experience and better prepare them to be global citizens. In addition to the day-to-day advising work, OFSL is proud to offer educational programs.

One of the programs is CORE. CORE is Panhellenic’s 5-week new member program that challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones, meet Panhellenic sisters, and develop their leadership skills. New members from the current and previous semester and eligible to apply each fall and spring.

We are excited to share, Alpha Chi Omega has 5 sisters selected for the spring 2022 class.

Isabelle Shim

SGLA Conference Panhellenic

This past weekend 2 members of Alpha Chi Omega were able to travel to Atlanta for the Southeastern Greek Leadership Association Conference.

Each February, hundreds of fraternity and sorority leaders throughout the southeastern U.S. converge on Atlanta to attend the Southeastern Greek Leadership Association Annual Conference. The Academy is a three-day educational conference, that features something for everyone, regardless of his/her role in their community.

Well-known educational speakers anchored the SGLA conference curriculum. At least one general session covering broad fraternity and sorority issues was scheduled each day. Smaller, more-intimate breakout sessions were also scheduled daily. Breakout sessions provided a variety of opportunities to discuss specific challenges, learn new ideas and interact with fraternity and sorority leaders from around the region. Both students and advisors found programming geared specifically toward their varied interests and challenges.

The SGLA Awards Banquet wrapped up the conference. Member institutions and individuals were recognized for their hard work as well as their outstanding service and dedication to the fraternity and sorority movement.

Dean’s List Desserts held to celebrate fall 2022 academic success.

Alpha Chi Omega hosted Dean’s List Desserts event to celebrate those members on Dean’s list and Presidents list!!! We had 182 members with a 3.5 GPA and 115 members on the Deans’ list!!!! We had 56 members with a 4.0 and 50 members on President’s list!

Note to be recognized on the Dean’s list or President’s list for Florida State you have to meet the GPA requirement and also have a minimum of 12 hours. We are also excited to share that the chapter average GPA was above the all-student, all-female, and all greek GPA for fall 2021 with a 3.59 average GPA!

Sister Brianna recognized as student of the month by FSU  Leadership Learning Research Center

The Leadership Learning Research Center’s mission is to inform and support scholars, educators, and practitioners regarding leadership teaching and learning through scholarship, curriculum development, and consultation.  The strength of the LLRC resides in its theory-to-practice-to-theory framework, where research is directly applied to both curricular and co-curricular leadership education.

The LLRC is in partnership with the College of Education and the Center for Leadership & and Social Change, aligned with our approach and commitment to integrative learning.

This past week, sister Brianna was recognized in a student spotlight by FSU’s Leadership Learning Research Center. – The spotlight went out via email, so we worked to copy and share the information below…..

I will be graduating in the Spring of 2022 with a degree in Business Marketing.
Expected certificate completion date
I am currently taking my final class which will complete the Leadership Certificate process.
What have you learned while taking part in the undergraduate leadership certificate program?
Wow, well this program has given me so much, but the most meaningful lesson I learned was how to be a better, more understanding human. I have always considered myself to be an empath; however, just because I can understand the reasoning behind people’s actions doesn’t mean that I always know how to handle their emotions or reactions. This program has taught me how to handle tough situations that will arise throughout life and equipped me to tackle them head-on. During one of my most recent classes, Dr. Beatty enlightened us as to why the Leadership Certificate program is formatted the way it is. He explained how previous classes equipped us with the tools to be great leaders in society, then we were given the opportunity to apply these tools, and now we are fine-tuning the skills and reflecting on who we want to be as a leader. This program has created such an open and dynamic environment that everyone in the classes fully participates because we all feel equally respected and comfortable enough to voice our perspectives. As much as I enjoy my other Florida State classes, no class lecture time has ever had me genuinely excited to attend. I feel I leave every class as a more well-rounded individual. 
What advice would you give other current undergraduate certificate students?
Don’t view the process of you getting your leadership certificate as just another box to check on your way to getting your diploma. Take advantage of the incredible professors and all the knowledge they impart to you because they will teach you tangible life skills. The choice you made to join this program will impact you more than you know, and you will graduate as a more well-rounded human than you entered as. 
Take advantage of the leadership experience. I chose to work with Colorful Talks, a non-profit that creates resources and guided conversations to equip parents and caregivers with the tools needed to have race-based conversations with their children. This incredible company onboarded me and allowed me to truly make an impact. I was on the community outreach committee and handled all of their social media. Not only did I learn on the fly graphic design skills that will assist me in my career, but I got to interact with a variety of communities that are all eager to teach their children how to be better and more understanding people. I felt very fulfilled knowing that I was making a genuine impact and I got to work with such passionate individuals. I have never been on a team where everyone was equally as excited, driven, and eager to work towards the mission. It was an incredible opportunity to see what it means to be a great leader and apply the skills I’ve learned throughout my classes.
What are your future plans? Long-term career goals?
After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to obtain my Masters in Business Administration. It will be an accelerated program which I know will be hard work, but I am eager to be adding yet another tool to my belt. In 5 years, I hope to be working as a Public Relations professional either in-house, for a specific company, or out of the house as a PR personnel working to set out fires for a variety of clients. I have learned through this program that I can keep a very level head in crisis situations. I hope that my leadership skills will shine through and assist me to be successful in my career while gaining fulfillment through the work I do.

AXΩ partners with FSU PD to hold a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training

Friday of Healthy Relationships week, the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega joined FSU PD for RAD Training. VP Member Programming Leah and VP Risk Management Ryleigh coordinated the chapter’s training. R.A.D. is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The R.A.D. system is a comprehensive, women-only course of instruction that begins with awareness, prevention, risk, and risk avoidance. It then progresses to teaching hands-on self-defense training, but it is not a martial arts program.

The course is taught by nationally-certified R.A.D. instructors, and provided each sister with a workbook and manual. The manual outlines the entire physical defense program which facilities women students’ personal growth, and further serves as an information source after completion of the course.

The University Police Department also permits women students, who have graduated from the R.A.D. course, to attend R.A.D. training sessions without charge at any time throughout their lives.

The R.A.D. system’s instructional objective is to develop and enhance the options of self-defense, so such options become viable considerations to the woman who might be attacked. R.A.D. is a twelve-hour course, which is broken up into four, three-hour sessions offered during evenings, or two, six-hour sessions offered during weekends. The students are dressed in special protective gear when they are attacked by an aggressor, who is also dressed in special protective gear. Students must fight their way to an exit or designated safe place upon being attacked. This dynamic simulation empowers the women participants by teaching them the essentials of fighting back, and fighting back effectively!.

R.A.D. is offered all over the United States and Canada. Once graduating from R.A.D., students can return and practice their self-defense skills at any location where R.A.D. is offered. Therefore, the women participants acquire self-defense skills in a relatively short period of time, and, moreover, are offered the opportunity to relearn, master, and practice these skills throughout their lives.

At Florida State University, R.A.D. has been offered since the fall of 1996. R.A.D. classes are open to any woman student, faculty, staff, or local community member. Currently, R.A.D. has been taught to over 1,500 women at FSU! We are proud to share many of those women are Alpha Chi Omegas!

Note we took no chapter photos at the training at the request of FSU PD Officers.

R.A.D. Women Basic Physical Defense Course | City of East Providence, RI

Beta Eta Attends Alpha Chi Omega Virtual Collegiate Growth Academy

We kicked off the day with a Welcome and General Session: The Practice of Leadership In this session, we discussed how each collegiate officer was elected by her sisters due to the leadership behaviors she embodies. While leadership can appear as a natural trait, it is a practiced skill that takes time to define. We spent time discussing the definition of leadership, we took the Leadership Practices Inventory and discussed the five practices of exemplary leadership.

Krystal N. Clark then joined Alpha Chi Omega to speak on inclusivity and belonging in recruitment. In this session, we learned about what it means to create a sense of belonging and how we can continue to be more inclusive in our chapter. Krystal discussed the changing landscape of campus and Panhellenic life. She spoke to how implicit bias plays a role during recruitment and identity biases that may exist. After spending time with Krystal today, we see the role we play as a leader in cultivating a more diverse and inclusive recruitment and membership experience.

If you would like more information on how to contact Krystal see above

Next were able to join breakout rooms with fellow VP Recruitments, VP Recruitment Information Chairs, and Chapter Advisors for a session on Inclusivity and Belonging! Here we were able to discuss challenges, share best practices, and more…

Next up, we broke out by officers for various sessions, elevating the conversation, advising strategies, officer roundtables, and more… We didn’t capture a ton of photos in said sessions, as we were working to be engaged and take notes.

We even had a mini dance session to energize ourselves mid-day!!!

Collegiate Growth Academy Day 2 – the day kicked off with a Policy Review- During this session we reviewed some of Alpha Chi Omega’s recruitment-related policies. We then moved into a session on COB, followed by a great session on Project Management. In this session we reviewed the six key steps to effective project management. Taking time to learn about project management will allow us as a chapter to successfully plan and execute our upcoming primary recruitment. We then moved into Putting Words into Action – where we discussed effective communication and facilitation & closed out the weekend with a great closing session!!!

While Virtual – Collegiate Growth Academy was an engaging experience and we are so thankful for the experience, the connections, and the takeaways… Alpha Chi Omega utilized the Whova app to manage the conference and it was wonderful! We were able to see our agenda, share photos, ask questions, download contact info, etc!

Galentines 2022

The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega, continued Healthy Relationships week by celebrating the galentines in their lives with a special meal. The chapter’s chef, Duski; House Director, Brittany; Chapter Advisor, Britain; and House Gentlemen – Quinn, Dimitri, Andy, and Davis worked to create a special meal: Caprese Salad, Steak, Lobster and Portabello Mushroom with Angel Hair Pasta, Grilled Asparagus, followed by dessert – strawberry, caramel or chocolate cheesecake with fruit garnishes and drizzle.

The VP Membership Programming, Leah, and VP Risk Management, Ryleigh, their committees and fellow executive board members worked to transform the foyer and dining room, decorating with pink, red and white, balloons, photo backdrops and more 🥰