How do you wear your Seminole pride?

What a great game against Samford last week when the Seminoles crushed their opponent 59-6! Hope you’re got your war paint on for the Oklahoma game scheduled at 3:30pm. GO NOLES! How do you wear your Seminole pride? Email your pictures of your Seminole pride to and you may be featured as a modelContinue reading “How do you wear your Seminole pride?”

T-minus 9 weeks and counting…

Seminole football season has officially begun- GO NOLES!! 9 more weeks until Homecoming Weekend and the 1st Annual Xi Omega Xi Lucky Stars Weekend! Come one, come all, have fun, and leave wanting more!! I’m sure you’ve seen through email and Facebook that we’re planning a fantastic event for Homecoming this year (11/5-7). There areContinue reading “T-minus 9 weeks and counting…”