Welcoming Our Newest Beta Eta Alumnae

Dear Recent Beta Eta Chapter Graduate,

       It is with great pride that we congratulate you on your recent graduation from The Florida State University, and your entry into another chapter in your lives as an alumna of the Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. You will forever remember the time you spent at 518 West Park Avenue, forever cherish the time spent with your sisters whom have become your life long friends, and forever be a member of Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity.

       As you begin this journey, there are a couple things we hope you will do to keep in touch with Alpha Chi:

1. Be sure to join the Beta Eta alumnae group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6054394572&ref=ts

2. Follow the chapter on Twitter: @axo_fsu

3. Sign up for our Yahoo Group Emails: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/axobh2000s/

4. Join a local alumnae chapter in your new town (please let Britain or Amy Z know if you need help finding one, or you can use this link:http://www.alphachiomega.org/index.aspx?id=96)

5. Join Beta Eta’s very own Virtual Alumnae Chapter, Xi Omega Xi: http://axofloridastate.blogspot.com/p/joinrenew-alumnae-chapter.html

6. Check out the Xi Omega Xi blog: http://axofloridastate.blogspot.com/

7. Come back to 518 for Homecoming festivities and other events!  Beta Eta’s calendar will be updated on the chapter’s website: http://www.axofloridastate.com and on the Xi Omega Xi Blog…

8. Update your address with HQ, to ensure you receive mailings: http://www.alphachiomega.org/sindex2.aspx?id=138

       If you decide to check out Xi Omega Xi, (we of course hope you do) and you decide to become a member, please note that you can do so by paying your annual dues on the blog thru Paypal. Xi Omega Xi offers a discount for the 1st year for recent grads with dues of ($19) … (much cheaper than chapter dues, heh?)!

       If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Axofloridastate {at} gmail {dot} com

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