Alpha Chi Omega Convention!

It’s going to be a banner week for all of us at Xi Omega Xi as Alpha Chi Omega Convention kicks off on Friday, July 9th.

First, we’ll have what looks like it might be a record number of Beta Etas in attendance for Convention in general, and an even larger crowd on Saturday night for Reunion Dinner. We’re looking forward to seeing Jessica, Jessica, Vaneese, Pat, Britain, Liz, Sylvia, Patty, Katie, Karen, Aggie (and Don!) and Claudia!

Second, Xi Omega Xi will be officially installed on Sunday evening, July 11th, at 5pm. If you can attend, please be sure to RSVP here.

And, third, Beta Eta alumna Karen Rinehart is speaking on Monday!


Karen Buffer Rinehart
Beta Eta, Florida State University

“Maternal Revenge Phenomena: Resistance is Futile” 

The eyes in the back of your head. That wind-down vocal sigh after a good laugh. Kids who have a phone permanently glued to their hands. Kids who mock what you wear. Those classic maternal phrases (“Because I said so!”) It’s called, Maternal Revenge Phenomena™: A supernatural power, bound not by time or distance, bestowed upon generations of mothers to exact revenge on their grown offspring.

Karen Rinehart remembers exactly where she was the first time she felt this maternal power (Hint: AXΩ) and bets you do too. She figures if we can’t fight it, we might as well laugh about it and other stuff so unavoidably “True to Life.”

Karen has been writing her award winning syndicated newspaper column, True To Life, a.k.a. The Bus Stop Mommies™, since 2002.  She’s a frequent guest commentator on radio and making her way into television.

In addition to her book, Invisible UnderwearBus Stop Mommies and Other Things True To Life, Karen’s columns and The Bus Stop Mommies™ are featured in:

  • The Misadventures of Moms and Disasters of Dads (2005)
  • Divine Secrets of the Yahweh Sisterhood (2006)
  • The best selling Amazing Grace series, Amazing Grace for Families (2008)
  • The record selling What A Husband Needs From His Wife, Melanie Chitwood, (2007)
  • Upcoming (magazine) anthologies by Wesleyan Publishing (2009)
  • The anthology Laugh Your Shorts Off, Short stories to make you giggle by award-winning writers (2010)
When not finding something desperate to do to avoid deadlines (like ironing), Karen enjoys gardening, reading, and embarrassing her kids in public. She and her husband Scott have a son, Morgan (20) and an Alpha Chi legacy, Melanie (17).

Get Excited!

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