Summer Updates at the Beta Eta House Underway!

Sharing some “in progress” photos from improvements that are underway at the Beta Eta House.

First, additional security cameras have been installed on the front porch to monitor the front yard. The outdoor lights in the front landscaping have been run over a couple times in the last few years, so hopefully the camera will be a deterrent!

Second, the public powder room on the first floor, off the informal living room, is getting a make-over. This room originally was the chapter room (which is now the Exec Office upstairs on the senior hallway). It now has a tile floor (replacing the old linoleum). You can also see in the photo that the old metal stall dividers are being replaced with walls and doors.
In this second photo you can see the new vanity, sink, mirror and lighting, and at least a hint of the new wall color, which is a soft green:
Look for photos of this completed project, coming soon!
Third, the kitchen has a new accent wall. Fun, right? The chapters chef actually picked out the color!
And lastly, the new flooring has been installed in the upstairs hallways:
The first photo is taken from the senior side looking through the TV room (past the stairwell to the first floor) into the sophomore side and the mailroom at the end of the hall. The second photo is the sophomore side, looking down into the study room, and it shows the shoe-molding and thresholds installed.

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