This past weekend, like many weekends in the fall, the many of the women in the chapter enjoyed a tailgate paired with a local fraternity, and then cheering our team on for a win!! Are you visiting Tallahassee for a game, or  really for anything? Be sure to stop by the house! We would love to show you around and hear about your time at 518…

In other news, the chapter is looking forward to a visit from Jenny, from HQ, this upcoming week. The collegiate chapter was chosen as one of 10 chapters to participate in a 4-year experience program. The chapter is currently working through the Freshman and Junior tracks, and thus far has found them very beneficial (thanks Foundation & Education)….

The chapter is also gearing up for Big/Little week so be sure to check back the next few Mondays when we can share some of goodies the new members received from their big sisters during week!

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