Do you remember?

When we think about the time we spend (spent) at the chapter house, many of the hours were during meal time. Throughout the years, the chapter has served countless breakfast, lunches, and dinners to sisters. Of course the chapter also has graciously hosted many fraternity gentlemen, alumnae, professors, and parents.

 We can assure you that meal time would not have been such a memorable experience with out the work of the countless gentlemen who have worked as Alpha Chi Omega servers /houseboys. 
The above picture is from the 1970s.  Fun fact: the gentleman leaving on the pot in the backround is Mr. Holdorf, he married a Beta Eta, and some years later, his daughter Rebecca pledged Beta Eta!
One of the other traditions that has become an occasional event in recent years is formal dinner. I am sure many alumnae can remember the “rules” of formal dinner. From which table to fill 1st, which door to enter the dinning room from, or asking the house director for permission to sit down if you were late, or to be excused if you had to leave early.  And of course we all remember having to run home to change for dinner after class, as we had to wear pin attire to dinner. Formal dinners are now only held at the chapter house for special occasions, and many of the rules have changed.. 
No matter what the meal, one things remains the same, Alpha Chi’s begin each meal  after the house director “rings the bell” signaling that the meal is ready, and then all in attendance singing Grace.
We would love to do a Chapter House Spotlight, on some of our servers past.. Do you have a favorite server story and/or photo.. Or have you kept in touch with, or even married a server? Please email us at axofloridastate {at} gmail {dot} com

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