The Positive Side of Joining a Sorority or Fraternity

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Based on the portrayal of sororities and fraternities in movies such as “Animal House” and television shows such as MTV’s “Sorority Life”, it wouldn’t be a surprise that a parent sending

their child off to college for the first time may send them with a big anti-Greek message: Don’t join up with one of those organizations. Based on the media, you can’t blame parents for being worried.

When I started college, I swore I would never join a sorority. I’d fallen into the trap of believing everything I’d heard, from hazing horror stories to the high cost of being part of these groups. Besides, I wasn’t sorority material. I’d never been the popular girl, nor was I even the pretty one. Yes, I went to college with a great many judgments, but sorority and fraternity life had never been portrayed to me as anything but a big party that only those higher up on the social ladder were a part of.

In my first year of college, I found out that I wasn’t completely right about the whole thing. As a founding member of my own sorority, I was given the chance to mingle with other Greek organizations on my small college campus as well as sororities from other colleges in the state. What I found was quite surprising to me. Fraternities and sororities weren’t all bad. Granted, there were a few stereotypes that were met quite well. They did throw some good parties after all. But my predetermined impression was all but shattered and I spent my college career reaping the benefits of being in a sorority.

To any parent worried about their student joining a fraternity or a sorority, or to any college student unsure if a Greek organization is for them, the following is a list of the positive benefits of joining. You won’t see these on a movie or a reality show, but they are just as real and can make for a great college experience.

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