Beta Eta Sister Urgently Needs Our Help

Dear Beta Eta Sisters,

We have a sister from pledge class ’97 in dire need of our help. Due to her extreme circumstances she would like to remain anonymous, but she lives in a northern state that gets a lot of snow, and she is without the funds or resources to supply herself with some of the very basic necessities including winter clothing, toiletries, and money for medical needs. She recently had some truly horrifying things happen including a car accident that has resulted in her becoming a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Initially she was very hesitant to share her situation with me, but I reassured her that we have sisters out there who would be willing to do whatever they could to assist. She agreed to let this be shared with you, knowing that we would not reveal anything she was uncomfortable sharing. Believe me, I cried when I read her emails and cannot for the life of me understand how one woman can endure so much in such a short period of time and still remain so optimistic, but she is certainly a Real. Strong. Woman. – and I admire her now more than ever.

So, before your gift-giving money runs out please consider our sister in need. I cannot think of anything more in the spirit of the season than helping one of our own. Even the smallest gesture makes a huge difference.

Here’s how you can help:

Donate funds via PayPal and we will send that money directly to her.

Thank you so much, ladies. Your assistance in any way is tremendous and greatly appreciated.

Jessica Harwood Bouwsma
President, Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae Chapter for Beta Etas

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