Executive Retreat 2011!!

Hello to my beautiful sisters!

Hi! My name is Erica Heinrichs and i was recently elected our Vice President of Fraternity Relations. So I will post a blog weekly on Monday mornings to update all the followers on what the chapter has done in the previous week and any upcoming events that we may have (possibly a couple just for fun too). I have never blogged before so this will be an all new and fun experience for me. 🙂 So this past week for Alpha Chi was a cluster of fun, excitement and anticipation. We have been having our Spring Recruitment due to the increase in total for Florida State’s campus so our VP Recruitment, Rachel Richards, and her committee have been hard at work finding amazing girls who exemplify all 5 criteria to join our sisterhood. We have already had 8 girls accept their bids and they are looking forward to their upcoming education and initiation. Here was last weeks breakdown…(I’m a list kind of person lol) 

Monday & Tuesday –
We had girls over for lunches and dinners for Spring Recruitment.(YAY!) Also, We had our first executive meeting for the new Executive Board 2011. Additionally, Our Education Committee held a meeting for all future mystagogues/bigs for the new Spring new members. This was a really good opportunity for some of our seniors to get involved with the new pledge class coming so they can teach them how the ladies of Alpha Chi present themselves and participate in events.
This was a big night for us because it was the night of Winterfest which was the Greek communities formal way of allowing girls going thru spring recruitment to interact with all of the sororities on campus instead of a select few where they may previously know someone. We met some great girls and got positive feedback on our house.
 Saturday Thru Monday-
This weekend was actually our annual Executive Board retreat!!! We spent the weekend on St. George Island at an amazing beach house called Beach Fever. We spent the weekend learning in depth about our individual responsibilities for our positions as well as discussing out goals for the future. We also made the calendar for the upcoming months which included planning social events, sisterhood activities, chapters, recruitment workshops, ritual workshops, chi connections, academic study groups, senior appreciation activities,initiation, education for new members, Pahellenic activities,Par- tee, and the list goes on. It was a very productive weekend. I think we have a very solid executive board that has a lot of fresh idea for the future which with a little time and effort are not unattainable. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we would be lost without our advisors, Britain Dwyre, Jennifer Butler & Amy Zoldak. They are the glue that holds us together. So below is a link so you can see the amazing property and then i added some pictures from the retreat.

That’s all i have for now but feel free to contact me anytime! My email is Erica.Heinrichs@gmail.com so if you have any questions or would like more information on anything I mention just let me know because I’d be glad to share whatever I have. HAVE A GREAT MARIN LUTHER KING DAY! LITB

3 thoughts on “Executive Retreat 2011!!

  1. Amazing pictures ladies! Be proud of the volume of work you accomplished this weekend, and exciting activities planned for the chapter's future. YITB & WDA!


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