Spring Has Sprung

Hello to all my lovely sisters,
This last week was a busy week with all the new Spring Members and individual activities on throughout the house.
Monday- Martin Luther King Holiday
Tuesday- We had a mini bid day for our new spring members. This was a blast! We had dessert pizza and sparkling cider. The new girls really felt welcomed as their Alpha’s led them around the house and helped them with some of the basics such as meals and forum information.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- We didn’t have any specified events for these days but we have been hard at work with Dance Marathon right around the corner. If you would like to donate to our team i posted the link below along with step by step directions to donating.(http://dm.fsu.edu/?page_id=6
-Step 1: Scroll down to Get Involved
-Step 2: Click on Donate to an Individual/Team
-Step 3: Click on the tab that says Team Search
-Step 4: Type in Alpha Chi Omega
-Step 5: In the upper left hand corner click on Make a donation and donate whatever amount you would like 🙂
*even if its just a dollar 🙂 Every dollar helps.
Saturday- We did a Dance Marathon Fundraiser where we were assigned a corner to stand and collect funds in giant tubs from all the cars going by and it was a great success.
Sunday- Today we had a Chi Connection where the seniors talked to the chapter about personal development and how to present ourselves to the Greek community and other fellow students. It was great way for our seniors to interact with some of the new members since they are so busy with graduation details at this time of the year. We also had a risk management meeting which was a informative presentation about the affiliation of alcohol with the Greek community and the power we have to change that negative connotation.
It was a really great week and with a busy week ahead of us i will have a lot to update you on next week!! Until then LITB ❤
**If you have any questions about DM or anything in general feel free to email me at Erica.Heinrichs@fsu.edu

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