Help Make Tallahassee More Beautiful!


Alpha Chi Omega alumna Erin (Iota Psi, Elon)’s department (Department of Art Education) and student association (Art Therapy Association) are collaborating with Seven Days of Opening Nights Arts Fest and the City of Tallahassee to paint a mural on the corner of Gaines and Railroad Square from Feb. 10-22.  “We’re there this week 9am-7pm and this weekend 12-5pm. We’ll be there 9am-9pm beginning Feb 14. Any and all are welcome- we’d especially love for people to bring their classes (if they teach) or any volunteer organizations; it’s pretty much paint by numbers; artistic or technical skill is not a requirement. 

“Students of any paintbrush-wielding age are welcome, provided they have proper supervision of course. We are also working with local programs such as Pyramid Studios, SAIL, and FDOA/Sports Ability. The theme of the mural is the arts-visual, and performing, so there are dancers and musicians and such throughout the mural design. It should be awesome!”

What a great way to celebrate MacDowell Month (when Alpha Chi Omegas everywhere take part in and support the fine arts)!

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