Spotlight on A DVA Survivor..

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Will inspire and teach others that even in the midst of anguish and distress, the future holds an abundance of joy and peace, if we are willing to release the past to go there.

Carolyn S. Hennecy is the author of ORANGE BLOSSOM WISHES: Child Molested, Woman Abused – Her Victorious Journey to Freedom. Publication date was October 2008, released in conjunction with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. OBW has since then been recommended by mental health counselors, rape crisis interventionists, pastors and others working with victims of child molestation/abuse or domestic violence.

This is Carolyn’s memoir, it is her life’s story of battling and overcoming molestation as a little girl, from the age of 7 until nearly 15, the trauma of domestic violence in a long-term abusive marriage, confronting a bigamous marriage and a murder attempt. Her goal was not to write another religious work or “self-improvement” piece. Rather than seeing her readers as just another statistic, Carolyn enables them to quickly recognize her as a fellow traveler who has been down the same road of victimization. She found the light at the end of that tunnel of trauma and pain leads to a future of victory, joy and healing. Her passion is now to inspire, motivate and encourage others who have been abused or  molested, helping them find their own way of escape of both victimization and the victim mentality, walking into a better and brighter life, as she readily displays in both her written works and public presentations.

This autobiography is peppered with humor and southern charm, as Carolyn puts the positive twist on the path to becoming victorious, rather than remaining a victim, and shares the messages of hope, faith and restoration. “

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