Happy 82nd Founders’ Day, Beta Eta!!!

Today, we celebrate 82 years of Sisterhood within the Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Florida State University!

The Founding of Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega

On March 24th, 1926 a group of women organized themselves into a local sorority, selecting for its name Delta Phi. After receiving recognition from the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs, Delta Phi was admitted into the Panhellenic Association of the Florida State College for Women, at the regular Panhellenic meeting on May 21, 1926. This organization was formed with the view of petitioning for the establishment of a chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at this college. Its aims were to promote a closer friendship amount its members; to maintain a high scholastic standing; to encourage interest in fine arts, and to make the sorority of the highest ideals. The first petition of Alpha Chi Omega was sent May 1926.

The petition read as follows:

The members of Delta Phi have shown much interest in many fields of campus activities and have held various offices. The governing factor on the campus is the College Government Association conducted by the students in cooperation with the faculty. The offices held by members of Delta Phi are: President of Judiciary, Freshman Commission of C.F.E, Class Representative to Senate, Auditing Committee, House President, Vice-House President, Nominating Committee of College elections, and Delegate to various College Government Committees.
The Y.M.C.A. is a very important organization on this campus. All girls of Delta Phi have identified themselves as active members and some have held offices of: President of Y.W.C.A., Freshman Cabinet, Large Cabinet, Y.W.C.A. Committees and delegates to various Y.W.C.A. conventions.
Delta Phis have attained recognition in athletics by playing on class, odd and even, and varsity teams; also by being class athletic mangers; members of the F club (those making varsity) and of the Life Saving Corps.
The amount of honorary fraternities and organizations at F.S.C.W. Delta Phi has been represented in are the following: Phi Kappa Phi, Chi Delta Phi, Alpha Chi Alpha, Beta Phi Theta, Phi Alpha Theta, Torch Bearers (petitioning Motor Board), Scientific Society, and Orchestra.
Prominent positions on the Flambeau (college paper) Flastcowom (college annual) and Press Association have been held by Delta Phis; many have also taken part in various college festivals.

The above petition along with a formal petition book that included Florida State College for Women statistics and history, and pictures and stats on each of the Delta Phi women and pledges was sent to Alpha Chi Omega for review.

In January of 1928, the news came that the formal petition had been accepted and twenty-eight Delta Phis shouted with joy! On March 29, 1929 the formal chapter installation was held, and Beta Eta became the 52nd chapter of Alpha Chi Omega

Sharing LITB throughout the years…

1955 – Moving into the New House!

1960s – Going to Formal

1970s – Dinner at the House

1970s – Homecoming

1983 – Bid Day

1983 – Hayride

1980s – Sisterhood

1994 – Social

1998 – Semiformal

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2008 – Chrismukkah

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Alumnae Celebrating at Beta Eta’s 75th!

Past Presidents at Beta Eta’s 80th!

Beta Etas Celebrating Weddings together!

Beta Etas Celebrating Weddings together (plus a legacy)!

Our 1st Annual Beta Eta Reunion with our Virtual Alumnae Chapter, Xi Omega Xi, at Homecoming ’10

Let’s keep Beta Eta thriving!!!

1. Donate to the Beta Eta Love and Loyalty Fund (BELLF) – and make sure to indicate you want your donation to go to BELLF.

2. Join our Virtual Alumnae Chapter for Beta Etas, Xi Omega Xi.

3. Follow Beta Eta on Twitter @axo_fsu.

4. Support Beta Eta in Par-Tee.

Jessica Harwood Bouwsma
’97 Beta Eta
President, Xi Omega Xi
Alpha Chi Omega

3 thoughts on “Happy 82nd Founders’ Day, Beta Eta!!!

  1. Fantastic Post; Amazing Chapter! We loved taking that photo at the top of the page with the wooden letters. YITB, a Theta Lambda sister/advisor


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