Alpha Chi’s Annual Philanthropy Week

This week marks Alpha Chi Omega’s annual philanthropy week!

Each day of this week, the ladies of Alpha Chi come together and provide several events for their community which exhibit the leadership and support each has for their philanthropy.

Listed below are the events in which each sister must participate in.
Tuesday (Yesterday) – Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: If you happened to be on campus at 5 pm, you probably saw plenty of men walking around in high heal shoes. Yes, we managed to find sizes twelve through fourteen for these willing gentleman to run around Florida State’s campus in high heal shoes to support the efforts of awareness. It was a comic relief at it’s best!
Thursday – The sisters gather around their front lawn, circling hand-in-hand to form the DVA vigil. Many other Panhellenic women and local Tallahassee patrons who support the cause also come together to join this inspirational vigil.
Friday – All of the Par Tee guests are invited for Mom Marie’s famous Friday Lunch! This will provide the golfers a chance to meet the sisters that host the golf tournament, and understand the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness. It is also a fantastic way to feed all of the hungry fraternity boys who’s passion for volunteering and playing for a good cause is greatly appreciated.
Saturday – The annual golf tournament, Par Tee kicks off! It truly is a wonderful event that allows the golfers to have fun and play for a fantastic cause. Each sister is willing to help during this event, and takes the time to make sure every opportunity is spent supporting the efforts of awareness. There is a closest to the hole competition, where golfers try to make their shot closest to the hole. Of course, all of the proceeds from the competition and the silent auction, which this year includes a signed Jimbo Fisher and Christian Ponder football, go to the overall fund.
Last year Alpha Chi’s philanthropy was voted Number 1 most outstanding philanthropy on Florida State’s campus. This year, we shall hope for the same outcome as we all stand together as sisters and brothers in the fight against Domestic Violence.
Alpha Chi Omega – Supporting the efforts of Domestic Violence Awareness. Always and Forever.
Together Let Us Seek the Heights!

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