Purple Ribbon

Over the years, a number of sources have been credited with originating the use of purple ribbon as a unifying symbol of courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending domestic violence.

Although the exact history of the purple ribbon is difficult to pinpoint, aross the country, families and friends of victims have adopted the purple ribbon to remember and honor their loved ones who have lost their lives at the hands of a person they once loved and trusted. Shelters and local battered women’s programs use the purple ribbon to raise awareness about the crime of domestic violence in their communities.

Purple ribbons are…
  • made into pins and passed out at local events
  • embroidered on t-shirts, hats and bags
  • tied to the antennae of police cars
  • hung on doors
  • wrapped around trees
  • draped over fences at murder scenes

In addition to the demonstration of support for victims and advocates, the display of purple ribbons throughout a community conveys a powerful message that there’s no place for domestic violence in the homes, neighborhoods, workplaces or schools of its citizens.

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