Empty Place at the Table

Following a cluster of domestic violence murders in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania in 1993, the community responded by holding a rally and march outside the courthouse. In an effort to continue the community involvement, education and commemoration, rally organizers and the Women’s Resource Center, Inc. worked together to create the Empty Place at the Table exhibit.

This exhibit comprises victims’ place settings, photographs and personal items, as well as newspaper clippings about the homicides. The exhibit works to:

  • Recognize the individuality of each victim
  • Establish a way to mourn the loss of their lives
  • Raise awareness about domestic violence and its impact on our communities
  • Ensure these deaths are not forgotten

Domestic violence program advocates and community members can replicate the exhibit to honor the victims of domestic violence homicides. For more information, please contact:

Women’s Resource Center, Inc.
Telephone (570) 346-4460 x242
Fax (570) 346-3413
Web http://www.wrcnepa.org/epatt.php

information from here

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