Go Greek – Alumnae Involvement & Support

It is that time of year again. What time is that?? Recruitment time.  With collegians across the country preparing for recruitment, and thousands of soon to be college freshman preparing to go thru the recruitment process.

As  Alumnae it is quite possible we will be asked about recruitment. So here are some tips for alumna!
1. Write letters of recommendation for potential new members, and send these to the collegiate chapter of Alpha Chi Omega in a timely manner. Login to Alpha Chi Omega HQ and write a Recommendation! If you have an Alpha Chi Omega legacy, make sure she is prepared for recruitment.
2. Research Recruitment now on campuses. Learn how requirements, parties, expectations might have changed (and sometimes the same!) since you were in school. Alpha Chi Omega Headquarters can help.
3. than when you Visit sites like Sure Sister and Sorority Life and suggest these sites to Potential new members to learn more about the Panhellenic System and recruitment in their area.
4. Be supportive of the process and of the Panhellenic Community. While Alpha Chi was the right choice for you, it may not be the home for everyone. There are 26 amazing NPC groups, and they all offer a lifetime opportunity for sisterhood!!
More tips, and advice regarding recruitment to come in future posts.

One thought on “Go Greek – Alumnae Involvement & Support

  1. when will you guys have the website running so former recruitment chairs can stalk all of you 🙂 miss you and you will do great with recruitment!


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