Preview of Scholarship Round – Take 2

Today marks day 3 of Recruitment… just 4 more days till Bid Day!!! With that being said, below are additional photos from Day 1 & 2 of Recruitment. The first two days are formally called Scholarship Round. They were formally known as Icewaters (when the chapter used to only serve icewater on the 1st two days, and serve “fancy” drinks the remainder of the week).

The chapter women wore dark denim jeans, and coral and light blue tops with nude heals. Their Scholarship Round video was themed after the Real Housewives (we will post after Recruitment on the blog) and the flowers were white and green arrangements (as seen in yesterday’s post).

Today the ladies participated in the first day of the Service Round of Recruitment.  We will be sure to share photos with all of you at the end of day on Thursday, after the round has finished, so be sure to check back!

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