Recruitment Preview- Round 2- House Tours

During Round 2- Service Round, the collegians give the potential new members a house tour. We were able to snap a few photos of several of the bedrooms in a hope to give alumna a virtual house tour.. Be sure to check back throughout the fall semester for posts featuring other rooms in the chapter house
 the photo above and below showcase the 2 girl room to the left of the TV room. They have a view of park Avenue!
 The photos below showcase one of the 2 girl rooms on the East side of the chapter house. These girls have their desk in the study room.

The photos below showcase a two girl room on the West side of the house. It is located at the end of the hallway.
 The photos below showcase a 2 girl room on the West side of the house. The room is part of the 2003 addition. It also has the new bedroom furniture (beds, desks and chairs) that will be phased into the house in upcoming years.

We hope that you enjoyed this post. Do you have a room in the house that you would like to see what it looks like today?? or photos of the chapter house from your time in college?? Be sure to email us at axofloridastate{at} gmail {dot} com and let us know.. We love to hear from our fellow alumnae, parents, sisters and friends!!

5 thoughts on “Recruitment Preview- Round 2- House Tours

  1. The room to the left of the TV Room was my room for 3 years in the mid-70's. It never looked so good as the current designing womenwho live there today. LeeAnn Stables was my roomate when we painted it Persimmon orange. I also don't think we wereso neat!Elise Everett PolitoBH '75


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