Help a Sister this Holiday Season

Several months ago, I received word, that one of our own Beta Eta sisters houses had caught on fire. Lauren, her husband Trip, and son Cade, reside in Tallahassee, and were out to eat when they received a call from a neighbor that their house was on fire. They abruptly left the restaurant, and headed home to find their house in flames. This was about 6 months ago… Lauren and her family have been living at a local hotel ever since. This would be quite an adjustment for anyone, but I cannot even fathom doing so with a young toddler in tow.

Each time I chat with Lauren, she has maintained an upbeat and positive outlook on the situation. She even snapped the below photo in the aftermath, of the book she started the day of the fire, in her stricken home. This in spite of the fact that the family lost nearly everything. Yes the firemen were able to save photos, the computer with images, etc, and some clothes, but imagine watching everything you own up in flames.. Something I simply cannot fathom.

The entire family home, had to be gutted,  taking the house down to the studs in parts. In fact they even took off what was left of the roof, and put on an entire new roof. Below are photos of the roof removal and such from July. You can also see the state of the interior at the time. 
 Much has occurred in the past 6 months.. Below are photos from recent weeks. As you can see drywall is going up, and painting will begin soon. Such a transformation.

The good news is the insurance company is telling the family they may be in prior to Christmas!!! This brings me to my blog post today. Each time I talk with Lauren she speaks with such excitement about moving into her home for Christmas, but this excitement is also a quick reminder that the family lost ALL of their Christmas Decorations in the attic during the fire.  Today I reach out to the fellow Alpha Chi Omegas to help the ladies of the Xi Omega Xi Virtual Alumnae chapter with their 2011 Make her Year Alpha Kindness initiative. We ask that you make a donation (of any size, no donation is too small) to allow us to take Lauren, Trip & Cade on a shopping trip to replace their Christmas Decorations, and celebrate their 1st Christmas in their renovated and repaired home full of love!!! If you could like to send a check, card or even an ornament, please email us at axofloridastate {at} gmail {dot} com.

 We will of course share on the blog what we are able to do for Lauren and her family this holiday.. 
and from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the ladies of Xi Omega Xi 
and on behalf of Lauren and her family
THANK YOU in advance
Xi Omega Xi President

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