Ritual & Resoutions

With the end of January, winter is truly here and those New Year’s resolutions may have already faded in our memories.  Recently I participated in a webinar which reviewed the meaning of our ritual and how to make it relevant to us in real life.  This made me refresh my goal of good health in the New Year.
As Alpha Chi Omegas, we commit to strive for our personal best.  This can well include a commitment to take time for ourselves and our personal well-being. This commitment is often overlooked in our hurried lives as we balance work and family obligations.  Some of us find ourselves caring for aging parents and giving support to our children and or grandchildren. 
So first and foremost schedule that time to exercise, rejuvenate, and relax.  There is no doubt that regular moderate exercise promotes good health, particularly as we age.   This is not a frivolous enjoyment which requires an excuse when we say we are BUSY. 
Secondly, schedule those routine recommended exams.  We all have our “sister” stories regarding breast cancer and mammograms.  I have at least three Alpha Chi sisters who are survivors because of a routine mammogram.  I scheduled my first at 40 when an Alpha Chi sister was diagnosed and shared her story.  Likewise, I had my first colonoscopy after I shared a good friend’s successful but difficult struggle with colon cancer.
Finally, eat well!  Ok we all want dessert at that girlfriend lunch, so do it.  But on a daily basis, try not to eat on the run or at the drive-through window.  Remember your fruit and veggies just like mom told you, and don’t skip breakfast.  Take care of your bone health by listening to your doctors suggestions for diet and strengthening (See exercise above.) 
Connecting the ritual to healthy habits may seem a reach beyond the “heights” of Mt. Olympus, but nothing is more vital to achievement than feeling well.   Treat yourself like a goddess and you will keep Hera smiling while you serve as a model for your sisters.
LITB & BH hugs,

Patty Garrard

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