Sisterhood Retreat 2013

The week of March 1-3 we went to Greenville, South Carolina for our Sisterhood Retreat! We left Friday afternoon and made our way to Asbury Hills Camp and Retreat Center. We stayed in cabins along a trail in groups of about 10 sisters per cabin. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to snow! It was a beautiful sight to see and we all bundled up then started our day filled with many activities! We split up into six groups and all rotated between different activities which included hiking beautiful trials, the Giant Swing, the Alpine Tower, the low ropes course, the rock climbing wall,  and the Leap of Faith.

The hiking trials were along a lake and in the distance we could see the mountain tops. The Giant Swing consisted of one sister being harnessed in and the rest of the group worked together to pull her up fifty feet in the air. She then released herself and swung through the air! It was a great time and everyone loved doing it. The Alpine Tower was a sixty feet tower combination of rock climbing and ropes with a platform at the top. Once we conquered the tower and got to the top, it was a beautiful view of the mountains of South Carolina.  The low ropes course was a team building activity in which communication and team work were used. First, we worked as a group to move numerous small objects with the use of one hook. We communicated with each other and moved various ropes as a team to move the hook and pick up the items. Next, we completed an activity in which we walked on wires leaning against another sister. We had to trust each other and there were many laughs exchanged. At the rock climbing wall, sisters held each other’s rope as they made their way up the wall. We helped each other by shouting out tips on where to place our hands and feet and motivate girls to make it to the top. The Leap of Faith was exactly what it sounds like! Harnessed in, we climbed up a twenty foot pole and then jump off it and hit a bell. 
After a long and exciting day, we had dinner and a bonfire with s’mores! Everyone bundled up, huddled the fire, and had a great time. Overall, the weekend was a great success and everyone enjoyed it! We all got to face our fears in attempting the activities and help each other overcome them. We also had down time in which we were able to share laughs and connect with sisters.

One thought on “Sisterhood Retreat 2013

  1. Love the PRM committee keeping everyone informed! Keep it up Nicole, Chrissy and writers (you should sign your posts) :). Thanks for the planning work towards the retreat Ashley, Katrina and MP committee!


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