Beta Eta Love and Loyalty Scholarship Winner!

Congratulations to Diana Davenport- the recipient of the 2013 Beta Eta Love and Loyalty Scholarship. Below is a an informal progress report of her studies and activities. She is truly a model of a Real, Strong. Woman….

-Human Resources Management and Business Management double major
-Leadership Certificate through FSU (as many credits as a minor)
– Chapter Relations and Standards Board Executive Member
-FSU Greek Conduct Board Member
-FSU Student Conduct Board Member
-2 Year Dancer in Dance Marathon
-70 hours to the community last semester with the Leadership certificate, volunteering in an urban garden with underprivileged children in Frenchtown, a “food desert” community
-Study Abroad Participant London Summer 2013
-3.45 GPA

She is now entering her major area of study for the School of Business and will be taking Marketing, Business Law, and Organizational behavior to name a few classes she will be enrolled in in the fall. She hopes to enter the business world after graduation and pursue her MBA shortly after.

In her own words

” the scholarship has allowed me to focus on my studies this semester and less on how I am going to afford school. Because I plan to partake in further studies after my undergraduate degree, I aim to be as frugal as possible during my undergraduate years so that I will go into my MBA debt-free. I am so blessed to have Alpha Chi Omega sisters who understand this need and have given me the opportunity to receive assistance from the organization who has already given me so much. My sisters at Florida State are my support system, my family, and my strength; this scholarship has shown me there are sisters who I have never had the opportunity to meet who are giving me even more support than I could imagine. The bond of Alpha Chi Omega extends far past your chapter, college, or state. It is seen in across the country in every generation and in every heart it touches. The love and bond of our sisters enables us to extend helping hands to those in need and I cannot wait to be able to extend the same opportunity to sisters in the future. “

Thank you to all of the alumnae and Alpha Chi Omegas that have contributed to the Beta Eta Love and Loyalty fund.

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