New Member Spotlight!

New Member Spotlight!

Nicole Toledo
I’m Nicole and I’m from Fort Myers, Florida. My major is exploratory. I love to dance and go out with friends, or have netflix and movie nights! My favorite meal at the house has been barbecue chicken. I’m most looking forward to just really getting to know my sisters, becoming super close, and having that indescribable bond with them. Also, big/little week! 

Sierra Stull 

I’m Sierra and I’m from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. My major is Biology. I really like to sing and play guitar. I was a swimmer for ten years and now I just swim at the Leach sometimes! MY favorite meal at the house has been shrimp pasta with angel hair. I’m so excited about everything! But short term, I’m really excited about getting initiated, getting my big and family, and our first formal!

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