New Member Spotlight!

New Member Spotlight!

Brittany Barbosa 

I’m Brittany and I’m from McLean, Virginia. I’m majoring in Biology. I love all outdoorsy things like running, hiking, biking, skiing, playing tennis, and dance. I’m actually obsessed with the meals at axo they’re delicious lol but chicken cordon bleu is probably my favorite so far. I’m most looking forward to making lifelong friendships with all the girls, it’s amazing how much we’ve already connected 🙂

Erica Pope

I’m Erica and I’m from Gainesville, Florida, which can be kind of difficult because of the intense rivalry between the Seminoles and the Gators. But, I’ve lived there my whole life so I’m glad I came to FSU and got away for a little bit. My major is Exploratory right now but I’m thinking about majoring in English and eventually getting my PhD to become a professor at a University. My favorite things to do are hangout with my friends and go to the beach, which I haven’t done in forever because there aren’t any close by! My favorite meal so far has been the chicken tortilla soup and quesadillas with queso…I’m obsessed with queso. I’m most looking forward to all the socials and getting more involved with the philanthropy, and dance marathon because everyone says that’s one of the most fun activities we do all year!

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