Senior Spotlight!

Senior Spotlight!

Sara Lyons

Hometown:  Jensen Beach, FL
Major: Biology
Favorite meal at AXO: Taco bar
Favorite memory at AXO: There are way too many for me to pick one!
Plans after graduation: Eventually go to Medical School
Where you see yourself in 10 years: Being an oncologist, married, with a family and happy
Advice for underclassman: Never be afraid to do something out of your comfort zone. Take every opportunity to meet new people that you can, don’t let being shy hold you back!

Chesley McLeary

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Major: Marketing and Finance
 Accomplishments in college: I’ve been really involved in Dance Marathon. I was a Dancer, then a Morale Captain and then on the Core Board for two years
Favorite meal at AXO: Spaghetti squash and meatballs (obsessed with meatballs)
Favorite memory at AXO: Date functions with all my friends, my favorite was Wacky Tacky
Plans after graduation: Hopefully move to NY and get a job with either a bank or media company
Where you see yourself in 10 years: I’ll hopefully have a successful job and married
Advice for underclassman: Live it up during college and don’t take anything for granted. It flies by and don’t care what other people think…people will always judge. But don’t have too much fun, get internships and work experience. You’ll thank yourself later!

Michelle Nicastro

Hometown:  Monroe, NY
Major: Double major in Psychology and Family and Child Sciences
Accomplishments in college: Florida State Honors student, graduating Cum Lade with honors medallion, Panhellenic Rho Gamma for Recruitment 2013, women’s all-campus flag football champions in 2012, getting a promotion at my job in management for 2 years, interning at a local Middle School, and completing undergraduate research at the College of Education
Favorite meal at AXO: Taco bar! Queso makes any day better.
Favorite memory at AXO: Meeting my little Taylor Locklear. She is my best friend, my go to person for everything. Without AXO I would not have found the girl who stands by me through everything.
Plans after graduation: I’m staying in Tallahassee after graduation to work and get ready for graduate school instead of moving back to New York. I plan on going to graduate school for School of Child Psychology in the Spring somewhere in Florida. I’m excited for the opportunity to enjoy Tallahassee outside of school!
Where you see yourself in 10 years: I haven’t decided on a specific career path, but if anything I want to be working with children. Hopefully by then I will be settled with my family with at least a Master’s, working in a career that I enjoy

 Advice for underclassman: Never stop taking advantages of the opportunities available to all of us. Some of my greatest accomplishments and memories at FSU are the ones where I took a risk, worked towards a goal, and did not stop trying. Also, remember that AXO is part of something so much bigger than just our sorority. We are part of Panhellenic. Don’t miss out on meeting all of the other amazing girls from other organizations.

We are so proud of you, ladies!

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