Healthy Relationships Week

February 9th-13thwas Healthy Relationships Week! The women of the Beta Eta chapter of Alpha Chiheld and participated in events, put together by Philanthropy Chair Lauren Flannery, throughout the week to celebrate healthy and loving relationships.  The week kicked off with an ice cream pajama party.  Sisters came to the house dawned in onesies and other wacky pajamas to bond and laugh over ice cream, fruit platters, and veggie platters.
 To spread the word about domestic violence awareness and to get other students on campus thinking about the relationships in their lives, on Tuesday sisters wore the Alpha Chi Omega Domestic Violence Awareness philanthropy t-shirt with a healthy relationship sticker around campus.

On Wednesday, Alpha Chi set up a station at Market Wednesday! In the middle of the union and surrounded by all kinds of other organizations, sisters worked a free photo booth open to the public.

Finishing Healthy Relationships Week with a bang was the philanthropy event Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi. For five dollars a head, guests were ushered into the dinning room and served pizza and refreshments while Alpha chi sister Rebecca Epstein played the piano and sang.  This is the first year the Beta Eta chapter hosted Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi and the turn out was incredible. The event beginning at 6:30pm produced a line that was out the door and down the block at 6:15pm. Ultimately, 549 people attended the event, which raised just under $2000.  “I was definitely not prepared for how much support I got from everyone” says Philanthropy Chair Lauren Flannery, who is thrilled to have raised to much so donate to the Refuge House of Tallahassee.

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