Winter Break: Serving Others #AltruisticAXO #FSUAXO

Many of our sisters spent their Winter break serving others on mission trips!
Savannah Brenner and Mckayla Michaud were in Peru and Katie Leatherbury was in Ecuador, all of whom were on Medlife trips. 

Mckayla describes her and Savannah’s trip to Peru: “This December, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Cusco, Peru for 9 days on a medical mission trip through the organization MedLIFE. MedLIFE stands for Medicine, Education, Development for Low Income Families Everywhere, and we were able to provide just that. Each day a group of doctors, MEDLIFE staff, and a group of students set up a mobile clinic in a different village in Cusco. Upon arriving to the clinic, patients would be educated on different types of cancers, diabetes and general health issues, that unfortunately most knew little about. After going through the education station, patients would go to a triage (nursing) station and then would e sent to their respective medical, OBGYN and/or dental station. I was able to shadow doctors at each of these stations and watch and learn as they provided the medical care and prescriptions each patient deserved. I have come back from this trip with a new perspective on how easy it is to make an impact on someone’s life, whether it’s taking time to simply educate someone, sharing a smile and always treating every individual with the same respect and care that we all deserve. This trip has been the experience of a lifetime and Cusco will always have a place in my heart.”

Jillian Cawley travelled all the way to Uganda and says about her experience, “If only they knew how much they’ve changed me. Working with children who are deaf/autistic/etc. has made me so much more excited to pursue a career in speech pathology and taught me so much about compassion and life itself. All the hugs and smiles were so worth the drool and occasional slaps.”
Katie in Ecuador

Savannah and Mckayla in Peru

Jillian in Uganda
Compiled by Mackenzie Murray, Publications Chair 2016

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