Rebecca Epstein – RAE

Rebecca Epstein has been performing in the Tallahassee area for about 3 years in various venues throughout the town. About a week ago, she had the amazing opportunity to perform on the morning news at WXTL ABC 27. “Through out the years, the support from the community of FSU and the Capitol has been overwhelmingly great. Having never done anything like that before was absolutely incredible.”
“Since graduation is right around the corner, I plan to move to Manhattan and work for a creative agency to write and record music. I do also plan on working for a music magazine to work on my prose and network with other artists. Although leaving is a bittersweet feeling, I know that this is just the tip of the ice burg of the opportunities to come during my music career.”
Check out the link to the music video for her single “Forever December” below!

Rebecca performing on the morning news at WXTL ABC 27!

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