Abroad in Florence, Italy! #FSUAXOSummer

Michelle Moore is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy with FSU’s Broad Curriculum program! 

Michelle says, “I’ve always wanted to study abroad especially in Italy. I decided to go for 6 weeks this summer and I didn’t know anyone else in my program. I ended up loving both of my roommates and everyone I’ve met so far. I’ve been to Fiesole, Siena, Bologna and Pisa. This weekend I’m going to Rome and I’ve booked trips to Croatia, Lake Como, Switzerland, Milan, Cinque Terre, and Amalfi Coast. The food is amazing and I’m going to be really upset when I have to go back to eating American food because I’ve had pasta and gelato everyday. I’m taking 2 classes and they’re both a lot more interesting than I expected because we get to wander around Florence and learn about culture, rather than just sitting in a classroom for 3 hours. I still can’t believe I’m here and every single place I’ve visited so far is breathtaking.”
Michelle in Fiesole, Italy

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