Lacy Scherer with ISV in Australia #FSUAXOSummer

Lacy Scherer is currently in Australia working with International Student Volunteers!

“This month I am working with a group, International Student Volunteers (ISV), which is a group for students that gives them the opportunity to both learn more about the environment and explore the world. I just got finished volunteering for 2 weeks in Newcastle, Australia, where we worked on 2 different projects. The first was working in the Hunter Wetlands National Park, where we were cleaning and doing outdoor work in efforts to help the flow of migratory birds. The second project was trail building in Alynbrook, which is in the mountains!

“During volunteering, we also have plenty of free time, where we get to explore the town and hangout in the city. The second two weeks, which I am just now starting, is the adventure tour, where all 26 of us volunteers throughout Australia get together and are traveling up the east coast of Australia. We hit many major spots, such as going to the opera house, surfing in Byron bay, going to the Great Barrier Reef, rappelling down mountains, scuba diving, etc. We have an activity for almost everyday we are here!”

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