Yasmine Humeda- Intern through the CRISP Program

Yasmine Humeda is currently interning through the CRISP program, a clinical research internship

“I work under a preceptor who is a physician and also conducts research at the Mayo clinic. His name is Dr. Pujalte and is a family and sports medicine physician. I am now a co-author for one of his studies. I also came up with my own study that I am currently conducting and he will by my co-author. I will be presenting my research at a conference in Philadelphia in September. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity!”

My first week as an intern at Mayo Clinic has been one of the most incredible weeks of my life. Conducting research at this amazing establishment has been a dream of mine. I can truly say that the reality of being here is even better than that of my dreams. I hope that one day this place will be my home but next time as a Family Medicine physician

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