More Than Spring "Break"

While many sisters spent their spring break relaxing at home or traveling to beaches near and far, a few sisters spent their week-long break volunteering out of the country.

Sisters, Mackenzie Hall and Carly Roman (also big and little), traveled together to Ecuador to participate in MEDLIFE’s medical mission trip. While in Ecuador, they helped rural communities receive critical access to health care. They also helped build a staircase that allowed the community in Riobamba, Ecuador to receive important resources, such as electricity. Despite long days of work, they were still able to explore Ecuador and see mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls nearby. Carly stated that “the area was absolutely beautiful and so was the experience”. Several other colleges across the United States, including USC and Ohio State, also participated in this particular mission trip.

Shannon Nichols, a Communications Science & Disorders major, flew to Guatemala to spend her spring break working with hearing-impaired locals in the area. Alongside fellow classmates and professors within her major, she helped perform 200 hearing tests, allocated 55 hearing aids, and even assisted in constructing a home for a single-mother in Panajachel, Guatemala. Shannon felt that this trip gave her a whole new perspective on the world and reaffirmed her passion for her major. She said that this trip “made me realize that my future profession will truly make a difference in people’s quality of life”.

These three women are just a few of the many sisters in our chapter that have an undying passion to help others. We are all extremely proud of your selflessness and the life-changing impacts you have made on people all across the world. We hope that one day, we will all be able to make as big of an impact on the world as you three have!

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