Sister Spotlight: Sabrina Loiacono

     Welcome back everyone!! I hope you had a relaxing and safe holiday break! For our first blog post of 2019, we’ll be featuring one of our Beta Eta sisters, Sabrina Loiacono. Over the break, Sabrina traveled to Ecuador for a service learning trip with the Medlife program here at Florida State to help individuals receive the health care that they deserve. Sabrina, hoping to work in the medical field, specifically with children, went on this trip to do just that. Often times we don’t realize how lucky we have it here in America, however, Sabrina got to see firsthand what people in countries with such little health care have to deal with every day. During this trip, Sabrina got the opportunity to work alongside a general doctor in Ecuador. In doing this, she was able to help treat patients with muscle and abdominal pains, that couldn’t walk, had loss of hearing, and infections by giving them the treatments and medications they were in need of. She also took both adult’s and children’s vitals while working alongside a dentist to help extract a child’s tooth. Finally, Sabrina taught over 50 children how to brush their teeth. Having the ability to brush my teeth is something I know I take for granted everyday, and is something that was so special to these children. Sabrina was also given the opportunity to do fluoride treatments on most of the children, along with educating them, and many adults, about public health. Having the opportunity to engage in such a rewarding and life-touching trip like this one is something our sister was so lucky to have been able to take part in, and we are proud to share! 




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