Line Dance 2019!!

Hello & happy Sunday!

This past Thursday, March 28th, was Florida State’s annual Line Dance: Showcase of the Arts event, in which all 17 sororities competed. Leading up to the actual event, Line Dance related events were hosted all over town, consisting of Share-It-Nights at different restaurants, fraternity cook-outs, and even a Carnival on College Ave!

Alpha Chi’s Line Dance team began practicing about two to three times per week shortly after returning from winter break. Our team worked tirelessly to choreograph their dance routine and worked even harder to perfect it the week of the actual event, taking part in practice twice a day at 7 AM and 9 PM. These early mornings and late nights for our sisters showed their dedication to this cause, the chapter, and each other, being led by co-captains, Morgan Dake and Jess Stephens.

Morgan was not only one of Alpha Chi’s Line Dance captains, but was a captain for her high school dance team as well, making this year on the Line Dance team an even more nostalgic experience for her. According to Morgan, being a captain was “…at times overwhelming and stressful, but thankfully I had Jess who was the real rock of the team!!” Thank you Jess and Morgan for all your hard work in bringing our sisters together by doing something you all love.

Along with captains Morgan and Jess, sister and team member, Emily Gordon, helped to choreograph the team’s routine as well. When explaining her experience on the 2019 team, Emily said “We practiced a lot of long and early hours, but it was such a good bonding experience to go through with my sisters!” Emily went on to talk about how even more rewarding this experience was, considering it was for philanthropy, causing the funds raised from different events for Line Dance to go towards helping others. When discussing what the actual performance at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center was like, Emily stated that the entire team was extremely positive and uplifting before going on stage to perform, “giving us energy to go out and do our best.”

We are so grateful to have participated in Line Dance 2019 and for all the hard work and long hours our dedicated team members have put in over the past few months. To our team and everyone helped us along the way, THANK YOU!!! Until next year ↠

Jess Stephens, Emily Gordon, & Morgan Dake
Alpha Chi’s Line Dance team ’19!!

Emily Gordon & Tati Djordjevic

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