Line Dance + Fill Your Cup Watch Party

FSU Line Dance

The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega participated in 2021 Line Dance tonight! We promise to share the video as soon as we receive it! Due to COVID-19 restrictions no one other than the dancers were allowed at the venue. so what did we do? After dinner – We hosted a watch party for in house residents upstairs in the TV Room, and hosted a Fill your Cup Ice Cream sundae bar downstairs complete with adorable custom cups & all the candy you can think of for toppings! We had a blast cheering the dancers on from afar and are so proud of their performance tonight.

A huge Congratulations to team captain Emily, co-captain Maddie and the entire team for a job well done!!!! You can learn more about the team here. The team had an amazing performance, raised $2849 for the philanthropy & we are already looking forward to Line Dance 2022 – fingers crossed we can be back in the civic center cheering them on …

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