Alpha Chi Omega hosts Sophonie from the Black Student Union at Chapter..

the ladies of Alpha Chi Omega hosted FSU Student Sophonie to learn more about the Black Student Union on Florida State University Campus.

The mission of The Black Student Union is to be a Student Government Agency that offers black students a form of identity, and a social life. BSU functions as a vehicle of communication to the faculty and administration of Florida State University. The Black Student Union seeks to develop unity among black students so that jointly and strongly they can express concerns and problems faced on campus. BSU is an organization at Florida State University that addresses those issues that affect African-American students in a university setting. The Black Student Union has been a mainstay at Florida State University since its conception in 1968. The Black Student Union creates an atmosphere of self-respect and gives minorities on campus an opportunity to network and explore all of the different options that Florida State University has to offer.

Sophonie also shared information about the current Breakthrough campaign .

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