Alumnae Advisors attend Golden Key Webinars

Alpha Chi Omega HQ invites all volunteers to participate in quarterly Golden Key webinars. These short, 30-minute webinars range in content from developing power skills to improving technical skills and providing updates about Alpha Chi Omega.

This past year alumnae volunteers & chapter advisory board members were able to attend Resiliency While Volunteering. The webinar included a panel of different volunteers from across the Enterprise reflecting and discussing their resiliency habits and ways you can develop resiliency too! They were able to attend a Golden Key Webinar guest speaker – Devin Hall, assistant director of prevention education. Devin facilitated a mental health and self-care workshop from the Behind Happy Faces program. He also talked about resources for volunteers. Last, but not least alumnae volunteer & Chapter advisory board members were able to attend a Golden Key webinar regarding gaining trust while volunteering..

Caption from gaining Trust

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