Beta Eta Attends Alpha Chi Omega Virtual Collegiate Growth Academy

We kicked off the day with a Welcome and General Session: The Practice of Leadership In this session, we discussed how each collegiate officer was elected by her sisters due to the leadership behaviors she embodies. While leadership can appear as a natural trait, it is a practiced skill that takes time to define. We spent time discussing the definition of leadership, we took the Leadership Practices Inventory and discussed the five practices of exemplary leadership.

Krystal N. Clark then joined Alpha Chi Omega to speak on inclusivity and belonging in recruitment. In this session, we learned about what it means to create a sense of belonging and how we can continue to be more inclusive in our chapter. Krystal discussed the changing landscape of campus and Panhellenic life. She spoke to how implicit bias plays a role during recruitment and identity biases that may exist. After spending time with Krystal today, we see the role we play as a leader in cultivating a more diverse and inclusive recruitment and membership experience.

If you would like more information on how to contact Krystal see above

Next were able to join breakout rooms with fellow VP Recruitments, VP Recruitment Information Chairs, and Chapter Advisors for a session on Inclusivity and Belonging! Here we were able to discuss challenges, share best practices, and more…

Next up, we broke out by officers for various sessions, elevating the conversation, advising strategies, officer roundtables, and more… We didn’t capture a ton of photos in said sessions, as we were working to be engaged and take notes.

We even had a mini dance session to energize ourselves mid-day!!!

Collegiate Growth Academy Day 2 – the day kicked off with a Policy Review- During this session we reviewed some of Alpha Chi Omega’s recruitment-related policies. We then moved into a session on COB, followed by a great session on Project Management. In this session we reviewed the six key steps to effective project management. Taking time to learn about project management will allow us as a chapter to successfully plan and execute our upcoming primary recruitment. We then moved into Putting Words into Action – where we discussed effective communication and facilitation & closed out the weekend with a great closing session!!!

While Virtual – Collegiate Growth Academy was an engaging experience and we are so thankful for the experience, the connections, and the takeaways… Alpha Chi Omega utilized the Whova app to manage the conference and it was wonderful! We were able to see our agenda, share photos, ask questions, download contact info, etc!

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