2022 – Bonds that last a lifetime

As we inch closers to the closing of 518, knowing the current facility will be torn down and the rebuild will take place. We are taking time to celebrate every day and the decades of sisters who have walked the halls at 518. When sisters ranging from the 1950s and 60s asked if they could visit Tallahassee for a weekend reunion and spend time at the chapter house, of course, our chapter advisor, Britain worked to make this happen. She partnered with BH, Aggie ’67 and they worked to plan weekend events for those attending

Friday night the sisters meet at a suite Aggie had reserved at the hotel for drinks, appetizers and spent time catching up – sharing memories from their time in the chapter and looking at photos, scrapbooks, and even new member manuals.

Saturday – the ladies meet at 518 for lunch, followed by time spent touring the chapter house, taking photos, and sharing stories .. oh if the walls of 518 could talk. Saturday evening the group went to dinner at Table 23

Sunday the ladies visited 518 for brunch, photos and to sign the wall of the beloved 518. All promised to come back in 2023 for a reunion in the new house..

The weekend was a true testament to Alpha Chi Omega being bonds that last a lifetime..

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