From September 19-23, we encourage our members to raise awareness about hazing, educate others about the problem of hazing and promote hazing prevention within your communities. We encourage our sisters to consider the ways we can continue to build a safe, healthy experience for all members of Alpha Chi Omega in a hazing-free environment. We are stronger together in eliminating hazing from our organization and creating a sisterhood that values the dignity and respect of one another. NHPW serves as a reminder to live out our mission and be upstanders not just for one week, but every day of the year.

This year during NHPW: We were able to facilitate the new Speak Up for a Sister hazing prevention training. It helped members learn how to recognize, prevent and report hazing behavior while committing to creating a healthy, safe member experience. This interactive, self-guided module is designed for all collegiate members to complete, especially during NHPW. The facilitation guide allowed us to engage in conversation with our chapter members about continuing to build a hazing-free sisterhood.

Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu partnered to develop a  hazing prevention education digital poster focused on hazing state laws and the fact that hazing activity is illegal.


Alpha Chi Omega defines hazing as any reckless or intentional act that produces physical, mental or emotional pain, discomfort, humiliation, embarrassment or ridicule, regardless of a person’s willingness to participate, that is required or expected of a member and that is not related to the Fraternity’s mission. This includes any activity, whether it is presented as optional or required, that places a member in a position of servitude as a condition of membership.

Every member has the responsibility to promote her sisters’ interests as she would her own. Knowing the impact of our actions, words and behavior can help you make healthy choices that exemplify our sisterhood.

How do you know if what you’re doing is appropriate or not? Before acting, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the activity involve any violations of Alpha Chi Omega policies or the law?
  • Would I openly and honestly discuss the activity as part of my chapter experience with my friends outside of the chapter, my chapter’s advisor, my parent/guardian, a college/university employee or an Alpha Chi Omega staff member?
  • Is the activity something only some of the chapter has to participate in? Would it be frowned upon if an individual opted not to participate?
  • Do we withhold certain details from members about the event or activity until it is about to start or has started?
  • Would the event or activity face resistance to change based on who/what class in the chapter gets to facilitate it?

ANTI-HAZING LAWS – staying up to date….

Anti-hazing laws continue to evolve and change from state to state each year. Understanding how your state defines hazing, its reporting requirements and the potential outcomes for engaging or participating in hazing activity is important for you to know as a member.

Click on the map to view your state’s hazing laws and learn how they may impact your chapter and campus community.


While NHPW is recognized just for one week, it serves as a reminder to stay committed to hazing prevention year-round. Each member has a responsibility to make healthy choices that exemplify our sisterhood and our values as real, strong women. We encourage those reading to visit the Hazing Prevention webpage to learn more about how you can continue to educate others on hazing prevention through trainings, resources and hazing reporting tools.

And as always be sure to review your state’s anti-hazing laws  to keep informed and aware of new changes to hazing definitions and reporting requirements.

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