2023 Executive Board Retreat

The 2023 executive Board spent the weekend with advisors at St. George Island for their annual executive board retreat. The weekend agenda who based on Alpha Chi’s Symphony. The board spent time planning, bonding, and strengthening their leadership skills! The board fully finished their 2023 Spring Calendar, and submitted the 2023 National Awards Packet (thank you to members 2022 executive board and members Ravina and Julia who assisted), completed SWOT on offices/chapters, Created a Spring 2023 pace plan, created AXΩ Merchandise to submit to a graphic designer, outlined Committee, board, and chapter goals, and so much more… The board also took time out to “appreciate every service rendered” by sending notes to those who have impacted their lives and Taking executive board photos. We look forward to all 2023 will bring for the chapter, and know this board will do an amazing job leading the way!

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