Sisters Attend AFLV Leadership 2022

Sisters Ally and Bree were able to represent Alpha Chi omega a that National AFLV Conference.

AFLV (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values) exists to accelerate progress in fraternity/sorority communities through change-enabling experiences.

Guiding all that we do, AFLV will use these fundamental principles as our operating system: 

  • Challenge conventional wisdom to discover new solutions to critical problems.
  • Be entrepreneurial, maintaining nimble operating practices that enable it to invest in emerging opportunities and address unmet needs in the fraternity/sorority industry.
  • Models best-in-class experience design and execution.
  • Actively commit to providing inclusive and accessible experiences.
  • Work to develop better organizations by developing better individuals.
  • Prioritize time and resources to support the people and initiatives most likely to affect systemic change and sustainable progress in the undergraduate fraternal experience.
  • Make fiscally responsible decisions. 

AFLV regularly has close to 300 campuses engaged and over 4,000 fraternity & sorority members in attendance at our experiences each year. Our signatures experiences are our conferences: AFLV Central, including the National Black Greek Leadership Conference and AFLV West, including the National Cultural Greek Leadership Conference. 

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