2023 Rotational Program KALEIDOSCOPE

Kaleidoscope is Alpha Chi Omega’s newest rotational program which focuses on diversity, equity , and inclusion.   We had the opportunity to host alumna facilitator, Netania Young for the program this February!

To prepare for the program, chapter members worked to complete the assigned pre-work, Brave and Bold Dialogues. The training took approximately 30 minutes to complete. Developed by The Harbor Institute, the Brave and Bold Dialogues training walked chapter members through real-life scenarios to increase our awareness and understanding of the complex issues surrounding racism, built on a four-step approach: Be Aware, Be Considerate, Express Understanding and Talk About It.   

The name “Kaleidoscope” was chosen for this program to connect to the ever-changing lens through which each sister of Alpha Chi Omega views the world. When looking through a kaleidoscope, we see a beautiful design created by overlapping pieces of glass; when we turn the kaleidoscope even just a degree, the pieces rearrange to form a new work of art. Each piece remains itself during the turning, but the way each piece relates to the others around it is always changing.   

The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion requires all sisters to continually shape and shift their views as we learn more through conversations, education, and lived experiences. As we understand more about the pieces of our sisters’ identities – and how those pieces come together to form the real, strong women they are – we embrace our changing perspectives. We also learn more about ourselves and our own identities as we connect, lead, grow and serve in our lifelong Alpha Chi Omega journeys.     


  • Identify and explore the four steps to Brave and Bold conversations    
  • Implement Brave and Bold steps 1 and 2 through activities about unconscious bias and microaggression,  activities – learning how to disrupt and engage individuals in Brave and Bold conversations    
  • Identify the importance and relevancy of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)    
  • Recognize the relationship of unconscious bias and microaggressions    
  • Apply best practices to address unconscious bias and microaggressions    
  • Consider varying perspectives through group engagement and discussion around privilege and power    
  • Recognize the relationship of privilege and power in a fraternal context    
  • Apply best practices to address DEI issues and challenges through chapter experience    

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